Green Force

Green Force has founded in 2017 and become the youngest member of the West Group family. Green Force is a representative of the most famous exclusive international manufacturers of utility equipment and machines that promote environmental awareness and preservation of our planet - Schmidt, Stummer, Multicar, Farid, Fassi, multione, OMB, and light trucks ISUZU.

Green Force is located in Nova Pazova. Nova Pazova is on the highway Belgrade - Budapest and cover 4700 m2. 845 m2 are prepared for the repair shop, 354 m2 of the warehouse, 330 m2 of office, and 1700 m2 of covered space.

Green Force always keeps an ear close to the market and the different branches of industry. Because of that, our team is composed of experts in different areas, and our purpose is permanent education. User-friendliness approach, long-term experience in the waste management, cleaning machine, and environmental management. Green Force strives to intensively promote environmental awareness and preserve our environment and the planet in various ways, through education, sales, and servicing of communal equipment and machines.


Green Force Brands